Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Cristmas Project - REVIEW

Creative Idea and Realisation:
Art in Hidden Places of Falmouth (Brendan Byrne, Ana Carvalho, Magda Tyzlik-Carver)
with huge support and help from Bettine, Dominique Allen, Alex Wright and Chris Howard

Additional help and support:
Ben Carver
Duncan Ravenhall
Peter Langford
Richard Ward
Becky Mc Crum
Anna Karu

Kernow Coatings

Emm & Val
Zorie Popadopalous
Jane Llewbllyn
Ron Hilton
Matthew Cogan
Pip Reading
Toby Field
Neil Cole
Mell, Scott and Charlie
Dan, Rowan, Hardy and Dave
Matt & Viv from Mojo guitar shop
Frosk & Ruth
Arwenack Hotel
Smith Associates
Richard from Gallery49
Adam Levey Thai Orchid restaurant

Projectors and films:
Richard Ward
Duncan Ravenhall
Serena Rodgers
Alex Wright
Chris Howard
Dominique Allen
Maria Christoforidou


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