Thursday, October 20, 2005


a collaborative work with the community in Falmouth


Art in Hidden Places of Falmouth with their “art events every now and then” attempts to create a network of artists who can communicate and show their work in different, often unusual/hidden public spaces in Falmouth.

With their new project, which they are planning for the pre Christmas period, the group would also like to involve the public from Falmouth to collaborate in creating this performance/installation together with the members of the group.

Art in Hidden Places of Falmouth would like to ask everyone who has an 8mm film projector, or 8mm film from summer holidays and is willing to make them available to the group for the time of the performance (two days) to contact the group by e-mail:
or calling one of the following numbers: 01326316495 or 07875212133.

Also we would like to ask people who live in the centre of Falmouth (along High Str., Church Str., and Arwenack Str.) and who are interested in making available their windows for the installation to also contact the group.

The project is inspired by the installation which took place in Plymouth many years ago and was extensively covered by local media.