Friday, February 10, 2006

After (thank you) party

During the CHRISTMAS PROJECT event there was a lot of people taking pictures, recording sound and making film. We are preparing a small party to show this material and also to thank everyone that helped one way or another in the CHRISTMAS PROJECT.

The party will take place at Brendan’s garage on Saturday the 18th of February from 6pm onwards.

From the pavement opposite the Greenbank Hotel:
Walk 562 steps towards Penryn
On your left there is a small red postbox in the wall
Opposite there is a slipway signed
“Fairhaven Shipping Co Ltd Falmouth Wharves”
Walk down the slipway past “Private Keep Out” sign
At the bottom of the slipway turn 180 degrees and walk towards the security light.
Call if you need help: 0741378264


Blogger said...

Good to see that you people are having follow up event, such events keep interest of attendees and pushes them to join again for next event.

5:08 PM  
Blogger Sophie Grace said...

Thank you very much for it and carry on it. Tik Tok

2:28 PM  

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