Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Relationships Between Audience and Artist

I am interested in the relationships between the audience and the artist through the art work/piece/project. I am also interested in the discussion of how the roles of both audience and artist(s) can be blurred and weave together.

Most of the projects I have been involved with for the last three years ask active participation of other people during the process of making work and sometimes asks for interaction and participation in the finished work.
Each new work arise questions about audience as collaborators, about the artist as rule maker and I have been learning how to make people interested in engaging with work by doing it.
Rule making
The artist(s) is the rule creator. To dismiss the role of the artist(s) has been an impossible task, although working as a group this role is shared with others, the (small group of) people working on a certain project.

Collaboration during the process of making
Inviting specific individuals (or groups) to participate on the ongoing process of making work seems to be a way of collaborating. The problem arises when anonymous general collaboration is requested.

Interaction with the final work
Either implicit or explicitly, telling the audience what to do (like, click here, move in front of the screen, clap your hands) seems to be the way for users to engage with the work. The reaction is controlled and calculated. Creative participation in unexpected ways is being difficult to achieve.

The artist as audience
Be able to create a distance from the work and engage with it as any other individual from the audience is an enjoyable experience not very often possible. For many reasons this becomes difficult; because the artist knows too well the rules, is concerned with maintenance, is being asked questions about the work or engaged themselves/himself/herself with reflection.
I would be very pleased if we could share ideas and our own experiences on these issues and if possible by using examples of work that deal in different ways, effectively or not.

Ana Carvalho


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